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Dementia Support East Sussex

Dementia Support East Sussex is a ‘not for profit’, free membership, voluntary initiative, aiming to address the gaps in the existing provision of care for those touched by dementia, and respite for their carers.

We provide relaxed, safe, dementia-centred activities, in a social setting, with group singing, stimulating activities, reminisce and friendship-building at its core.

Our tutoring offers a structured and engaging programme, including breathing, vocal and gentle muscle exercises.

Ensuring that none are excluded through price, all sessions are free.

Through providing these stimulating activities, our aim is to help slow the progression of dementia, and delay the onset of institutional care.

‘The past, which is not recoverable in any other way, is embedded, as if in amber, in music, and people can regain a sense of identity….  ’ Oliver Sachs MD
And so it is, singing has proved beneficial and rewarding for many, where music memory is often spared the ravages of the brain through dementia.

Music replaces what can become a very confusing environment, and provides a distraction from fear and anxiety.  It can be seen that….

  •   Someone who has been silent or less communicative may begin to talk and become more social
  •   Some, who have been sad and depressed, may start to feel happier
  •   Someone who has been less mobile may begin to be more physically  active
Group Singing

Integration into community activities is priority, and we are actively preparing our singers for visiting and performing at care homes and groups.
After a highly successful Christmas Musical Evening, to bring together a fine mix of established performers and dementia singing groups, we are now preparing for new year performances.

To take this Bexhill ‘Singing and Friendship’ Drop-In model into new areas is our immediate priority, where the need is greatest.
With RAISE Challenge funding, a weekly club has been formed in Bexhill, monthly clubs in Horam, Lewes and Sidley, and in Heathfield and Ditchling, two clubs in each, monthly.

‘Finding a little group, which is not too taxing, but where the other members are a little able to cope, just as Dad is, it’s a godsend.  My Dad can’t cope with much, but still, he can chat and enjoy company and the event while it goes on. Thank you for providing this lovely, gentle group, that has made such a difference to our lives’.
Dee, carer for a group member. 
July 2015

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